Most of the time, drivers don't think much about their vehicle's cooling system until the engine begins to overheat. Preventing overheating is a key reason why your vehicle should get periodic engine cooling and radiator service from the technicians at Richland Chevrolet in Roswell, NM. The cooling system has several components that should receive periodic inspections to make sure that your vehicle operates properly.

Your vehicle's manual recommends that the cooling system undergo a flush or complete removal and replacement of the coolant that runs through the system to keep the engine at a proper temperature. after time, contaminant build-up in the coolant, which can damage your engine and make it run hotter.

Other components that can cause overheating include the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and hoses. One or more faulty parts can damage the engine if left too long. Preventive maintenance checks will find parts beginning to wear out to avoid extensive damage.

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